Revolution has a range of paper products, cloths, polishers, rags and wipes that will meet any requirement from general cleaning to high end polishing applications. As with all products in this category we are happy to recommend the product for your application but samples are the only guaranteed way to meet you specific needs. Please do not be afraid to ask for samples and we can supply them to you via our own delivery schedule or the post within 24hours. That way you are always guaranteed the right product.

The following are our most popular products in this category. They range from clean and green recycled textile wipes to paper and non woven products.

  • Centre feed paper rolls 2ply (2 x 18.5gsm 150m x 20cm) 6pack white or blue
  • Superior centre feed paper rolls 2ply (2 x 25gsm 150m x 20cm) 6pack white or blue
  • White paper bumper rolls 2ply (28cm x 400m 1000sheet) twin pack
  • Boss wipe paper jumbo blue rolls 3ply (28cm x 230m) twin pack
  • Boss wipe (Original) paper jumbo rolls 2ply(28cm x 230m) twin pack
  • Mini centre feed paper rolls 2ply (20cm x 175m) 12 pack
  • Mini jumbo toilet paper rolls 2ply (95mm x 160m) 12 pack 3” core
  • C-fold paper hand towels green 1ply box 2800
  • C-fold paper hand towels white 2ply box 2304
  • Coloured cotton hand wipes (recycled cotton t-shirts) cut pieces 10kg
  • Cut white cotton hand wipes (recycled cotton shirts) cut pieces 10kg
  • Best white cotton sheeting (recycled bed sheeting, 100% cotton lint free) 10kg box
  • Best white cotton sheeting (recycled bed sheeting, 100% cotton lint free) 5kg box
  • Roller towel cut pieces high grade wiper due to its strength, durability and versatility
  • Wall dispensers available for all paper products
  • Floor dispensers available for jumbo rolls

Revolution has a comprehensive range of polishing cloths at highly competitive prices. Most of our polishing cloths are packaged under the Revolution brand in bulk 4kg or 5kg boxes.

The following are more generally accepted as polishing wipes:

Ultra Stronng Super strong all purpose wipe.  For use wet or dry very low linting.  This product is absorbent and durable.  It is also solvent resistant and tough.

Premium 4 Polishing cloth in a 4 kilo crumple packed product in a brown box with small blue description label. Our most popular polishing cloth that is ideal for refinishing and valeting. Super soft, absorbent and low linting, apertured non woven polishing cloth. Cannot scratch and solvent resistant. Large individual pieces 400mm x 600mm approx.

Extra Soft 5 A highly economic 5 kilo wipe that is a soft, general purpose non-woven polishing cloth. Solvent resistant & absorbent. Ideal for all general polishing and wiping. Large Pieces – 380mm x 508mm approx. Crumple packed.

Stockinette A fine grade, high quality, light weight, soft and absorbent stockinette produced with car polishing and valeting in mind. Available in white or traditional multi coloured. Predominately available in 2kg clear bags as cut pieces. Large handy size pieces 48” cut for optimal polishing. Also available in 800grm coloured rolls.


NovateC Solvent Based pre cleaning roll are made from 100% melt blown polypropylene and are very low linting. Solvent resistant and very absorbing. 265x250x280 sheets(C/F 1xDispenser box)(TRANSIT).

Microfibre Polishing Cloths made from split fibres - "microfibres" - which makes these towels ultra absorbent. Extra bulky for superb absorbing and general wiping. Yellow towels- 400mm x 400mm approx. Sold individually.