Disposable Gloves

Revolution has been supplying huge quantities of disposable gloves since the inception of the company. We have forged excellent relationships with leading glove brands such as Bodyguards, Protec  and Bunzl. This means we can offer a reliable and extensive range of products in all sizes.

Latex, vinyl and nitrile  gloves are our most popular type of gloves.  Disposable gloves by their very nature can be a personal preference item. We are happy to sample and recommend gloves for you for any application. 

The following are our most popular products. Unless stated they are all available in small, medium, large and extra large. They are supplied in boxes of 100 gloves. A case of a 1,000 would be 10 small boxes of 100.  AQL denotes the quality control procedure adopted. The lower the number the more strict the QA procedure.

  • Bodyguards double chlorinated powder free thick latex glove AQL1.5
  • Bodyguards lightly powdered latex glove AQL4.0
  • Bodyguards lightly powdered clear vinyl glove AQL1.5
  • Bodyguards lightly powdered blue vinyl glove AQL4.0
  • Bodyguards Synmax powder free synthetic glove AQL1.5
  • Bodyguards nitrile powder free glove AQL1.5
  • Bodyguards nitrile powder free glove AQL4.0

Industrial Gloves

  • Red fully coated PVC knit wristed builders glove EN388
  • Red lined welding gauntlet glove EN388 and EN407
  • Red PVC long armed chemical gauntlet glove EN374 and EN388
  • Latex coated (green and orange) builders grip glove
  • Standard Canadian grey stripped riggers glove
  • Superior Canadian suede riggers glove
  • Perfect fit polyamide knitted black fitted glove
  • Yellow latex criss cross pattern on knitted nylon glove