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Revolution are an authorised distributor of Tygris aerosols who are acknowledged as the industry favourite. Welcome to the expansive range of performance aerosols developed to effectively meet the demands of everyday industry. All aerosols are 400ml.

Brake/Clutch Cleaner - A powerful cleaning fluid to eliminate brake squeal and clutch slip commonly caused by contamination and glazing.  Also used to remove stubborn oils, greases and dust from many other surfaces

Carburettor Cleaner - This strong solvent removes oil, grease and gum deposits from carburettors and injection systems. Helps to prevent stalling and smooth out rough idling.

WD Anti Rust Agent(maintenace fluid) - This WD spray effectively drives out moisture even in difficult to reach areas, leaving a fine protective film which also lubricates. Making light work of maintenance and future dismantling of equipment.  Also used for cleaning and degreasing

Battery Terminal Protector - Clean and protect terminals from air and moisture with this accurate and easy-to-apply spray. Prolonging battery life and increasing its efficiency, this fluid also helps to detect battery acid leakage

Lemon Dashboard Renovator - Bring back a like new appearance to your dashboard and all other vinyl, polished wood and veneer surfaces with this pleasantly perfumed blend of cleaning solvents and silicones that remove oil and stains and adds a shine

Rapid De-Icer - This concentrated, solvent based spray is highly effective in removing ice and snow from windows and locks and prevents re-freezing.  Its high pressure discharge ensures that it can perform in even the coldest conditions

Silicone Lubricant - This lubricant provides you with a clean, low odour and non staining lubricant for most applications around the work place. Its non toxic characteristics make it especially suitable on plastic parts and seals

Clear Polymer Chain Lube - This clear, viscous, anti-fling liquid provides effective lubrication of chains where an unsightly coloured lubricant is not wanted. It performs outstandingly under extreme conditions of load and will withstand pressure cleaning, preventing corrosion and significantly extending chain life

White Grease with PTFE Highly effective lubrication in areas of high moisture is possible with this premium quality, water resistant grease. It is ideal for use in antifriction and plain bearing pumping equipment, and for the lubrication of most moving of stationary parts

Open Gear Lubricant Use this highly tenacious, anti-fling spray to provide a thin film of very effective lubrication, to open gears and chain drives. It is water resistant and has good load bearing characteristics, giving valuable protection against corrosion, wear and salt.

Chain & Wire Lubricant Preventing corrosion, wear and chain elongation, this heavy duty chain lubricant extends life of your chains and wire ropes. It gives outstanding performance under extreme conditions of load and does not fling.

Upholstery Foam Cleaner Removes grease and grime from most types of fabric including upholstery, carpets and rugs, with this specialist water based cleaner. The foaming action ensures even distribution of the spray and makes cleaning of vertical surfaces easy.

We also supply, Clear Spray Grease, Copper Anti Seize Grease, Drive and Bearing Lubricant and Electrical Clearner.

Need something else? If so make sure you contact us. Tygris manufacture an extensive range and we are always more than happy to help. 

Other categories that are available are acrylic paints, line marking, janitorial, food environment, specialist aerosols for plastic moulding, and high performance maintenance aerosols.

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