SWS Solvents

Revolution is a major distributor throughout the South East region for Solvents with Safety (SWS). SWS is a solvent manufacturer and distributor that specializes in large volumes. All products are manufactured from virgin solvents unless otherwise stated. The following products are available in 5 litre and 25 litre tins, excluding the Methylated Spirit which is packaged in plastic 5 litre containers:

  • Panel Wipe(5 litres only)
  • 2K(pack) fast thinner
  • 2K(pack) universal thinner
  • Mineralised Methylated Sprit
  • White Spirit
  • Anti-bloom Thinner (contains recycled)*
  • Premium Thinner (contains recycled)*
  • Standard (gun-wash) thinners(100% recycled)*

*This product is formulated using 100% recycled solvents, it is a budget cost thinner and is
only recommended for use in cellulose primer or cleaning applications. No guarantee of performance can be given on products containing recycled thinner, users should satisfy themselves that it is the right product for their application.