Packaging Cosumables

Revolution can supply all your packaging needs quickly. We use our distribution network to deliver vast quantities of packaging products everyday from our Hertfordshire warehouse. As with many other consumable items we have built strong relationships with many different packaging manufacturers to source and supply the highest quality packaging products at extremely competitive prices. Take at look at the following stock items all available with a next day delivery guarantee:

  • Bubble wrap 1500mm x 100m small bubble(10mm)
  • Bubble wrap 1500mm (750mm x 2) x 100m small bubble (10mm)
  • Bubble wrap 1200mm x 100m small bubble (10mm)
  • Bubble wrap 1200mm (600mm x 2) x 100m small bubble (10mm)
  • Bubble wrap 900mm x 100mm small bubble (10mm)
  • Bubble wrap 1500mm x 50m large bubble(25mm)
  • Polyurethane (Jiffy) Foam 1500mm x 200m 1.5mm
  • Corrugated rolls 75m long, available in 600mm,900mm,1200mm and 1500mm
  • Cross weave tape 50mm and 75mm (reinforced high tensile strength tape)
  • Pallet(stretch) wrap available in three types (20micron 300mm x 400m)(34micron 200m x 400mm)(25micron black 200m x 500mm) for all your pallet wrapping needs
  • Pallet wrap seal and buckles all sizes/types
  • Craft paper rolls. Available in imitation or pure and sizes 600mm/750mm/900mm/1150mm
  • Craft paper reams/sheets in imitation or pure and sizes (900mm x 1150mm 88gsm)(1150mm x 1400mm 88gsm) packs of 500
  • Elastic rubber bands all sizes 16/18/32/34/36 etc
  • Acid free tissue paper for wrapping of sensitive products (500mm x750mm 16gsm) 500 pack
  • Packing tape. Available in brown or clear, polypropylene or vinyl, 50mm (2”) case of 36
  • 50mm (2”) standard tape dispensers
  • Fragile tape polypropylene 50mm (2”) 36 per case
  • Cloth(Gaffa) tape available in silver, black or white 50mm (2”) sold separately
  • 25mm (1”) polypropylene tape case of 72
  • 75mm (3”) brown vinyl tape case of 24
  • Masking tape (high tack) 3M Scotch available in 25mm (1”) case of 36, 50mm (2”) case of 20 see also body shop products section for (low tack) masking tapes
  • Double side tissue tape white available in all sizes and on different size backing paper
  • Builders polythene roll 2m folds out to 4m (500guage) 23m long very thick plastic sheeting for a multitude of applications

Packaging products that are not listed can be sourced and delivered within 48hours please call for details.

Print Consumables

Over many years Revolution has developed a wide ranging stock of print consumables. The following is a list of our most popular products:

  • Plastic standard business card boxes
  • Job bags(boards) for storing plates and screens
  • 10a scalpel blades and handles
  • Large standard stanley blades
  • Ream boxes (lids and trays) size A4 - available in brown or white
  • Ream boxes( lids and trays) size A5- available in brown or white
  • Ream boxes (lids and trays) 1/3 A4 (compliment slip) - available in brown or white
  • Standard cartons single wall or double wall available in A4, half A4, A3 or bespoke
  • Elastic rubber bands available in all sizes
  • Gear or hydraulic oils for your print machinery. (As we specialize in lubricants we regularly save our print customers a small fortune on maintenance costs)

We also stock specialist products and have always been able to meet particular customer requirements. The long standing and positive relations that we have with manufacturers also means that,if we don’t stock a particular item we are able to purchase it and get it to customers within a few days. Our storage capacity enables us to stock items on your behalf if regularly consumed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requirements. We are always happy to help.