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Revolution provides an extensive range of garage consumables that are everyday items for the garage workshop. Take a look at the following products.  You’ll be surprised by what you need:

  • Spillsorb Amercian Absorbent Granules 20kg
  • Kleen Up Industrial Absorbent Granules 30Litres
  • Sapphire Wood Fire Absorbent Chips 30Litres
  • Seat covers 15micron compact dispenser box qty 100
  • Dispenser for above
  • Seat covers 12micron on a roll qty 400
  • Brown paper floor mats (375mm x 50mm 85gsm) 250 per pack
  • Cable ties black (5 sizes) 100 per pack see below
  • (8” 200mm x 3.6mm)(12” 300mmx 4.8mm)(15” 370mm x 4.8mm)(15” 370mm 7.7mm)(clear 18” 9mm)
  • Typhoo tea bags 440 per pack
  • Rock salt for winter snow and ice problems 25kg bag
  • Wiper blades all sizes, choice of Wipac, Bosch and Norvac. Blade stands available
  • Blade and mini blade fuses all amperages 100 box
  • Classic bulbs, all popular numbers for 12v and 24v
  • 1000Litre Empty IBC`s (plastic bulk container with metal cage based on wood, plastic or steel) suitable for storage of virgin lubricants, chemicals or storage of used engine oils. A highly economic alternative to tanks that require expensive fitting and bunding due to current environmental regulations. Bunding options also available from IBC bunds to single barrel bunds. Price up this option for storage of bulk liquids and save yourselves a small fortune. Call for details
  • 205 litre barrel pumps (dispensers) Cast iron rotary barrel pump for lubes, plastic rotary barrel pump for solvents (brake cleaner), metal lever barrel pumps for antifreeze products, plastic lever barrels pumps for caustic chemicals (Adblue)
  • Adaptors. An extensive range of adaptors, taps, fittings and convertors please call for a solution to your problem
  • Gear oil pumps 20/25litres with flexible hose and tap, plus trolleys to wheel them around



In addition we stock a huge range of ancillary equipment from fuel handling and transfer pumps to spill control and bunding. Please call for prompt service and an unrivalled delivery.