Revolution supplies all types of antifreeze for the automotive and commercial sectors.  We source our chemicals from highly respected companies such as Q8oils, Petrochem Carless, Univar, and BASF.

Blue Antifreeze, Red Long Life Antifreeze, Green Long Life Antifreeze, Yellow Long Life Antifreeze, Q8 Long Life Antifreeze, Prestone Universal Antifreeze, Air Brake Antifreeze and Commercial Wet Lining Antifreeze are all available. 

All of the above products are available in concentrate or pre-mix in 1L, 5L, 20L, 57L, 199L.  When mixing antifreeze the recommended ratio is 50:50.  Antifreeze should be mixed with de-ionised wated, especially in hard water areas.

The technical data sheets are for the concentrate products.