About Us


Revolution has evolved its business on its ability to deliver. Not only to deliver its products but deliver on its promises. Our promise to you is to provide a next day delivery service to all our customers free of charge. We also ensure our customers benefit from a quality delivery service, which passes on economies of scale. Our business combines the vast product availability of a manufacturer with the delivery service of a local distributor. Our customers can place an order before 5pm and receive it before 5pm the next day. We can usually provide emergency same day deliveries when absolutely necessary. Currently Revolution makes up to five hundred deliveries a day to all areas of Greater London and the surrounding counties, ranging in size from a small box of gloves to tanker loads of engine oil.

Revolution supplies over six thousand different products and many associated services. We pride ourselves on getting your order right first time, every time. Revolution owns a fleet of vehicles that are managed by the distribution department to guarantee efficiency, reliability and punctuality 100% of the time. We track our vehicles via satellite and can literally pinpoint your delivery to within minutes of its arrival. All of our delivery drivers are trained to the highest standard and we are proud of a very low staff turnover. The Drivers pride themselves on courtesy and punctuality and will go out of their way to make sure you receive your product or service to the standard you expect.

Our flexible service means that customers can plan and then sit back safe in the knowledge that our delivery pledge is being met. We try our best to keep the same drivers in the same delivery areas, this means they build up a relationship with the customer and get to know specific requirements of delivery. It also has the advantage that they know the roads the routes and the problems that arise and can deal with them more effectively.

All of this has the common goal of making sure that when a customer has placed an order it will be delivered, without any excuses. Talk to some of our six thousand customers, many of whom order weekly and others order every few months, and all of them will tell you they never have a problem with delivery. That is one of the reasons they keep coming back.



Have you glanced through our product list yet? Have you wondered how a company can manufacture so many different products in so many varying packages and sizes and still continue to offer the fantastic service you would expect from a family run business? The answer is simple. Firstly we are a manufacturer. We manufacture, produce and blend our lubricants to order. Every lubricant is blended in a batch and then stored until it is decanted into the sizes ordered. This means we do not have to keep such high stock levels as you might expect from a company that produces many hundreds of different types of oil. Orders placed during the day are run through our highly efficient overnight production system and are ready for dispatch the very next day. Our stock holding of finished lubricants is very low and yet we blend up to half a million litres of oil every month. This means you are effectively cutting out one, or maybe more chains of distribution when purchasing your products direct from Revolution. The cost savings of doing this can be significant.

Secondly we work in volumes. Lubricants are our speciality and we have been distributing these for over quarter of a century but all other consumable items such as disposable gloves and hand cleaners are ‘add ons’. Our extensive product list has evolved to complement the lubricants we supply and provide our customers with as many products as they might need from one source with effectively no delivery costs. This is how we have come to be number one when it comes to quality, service and value in the automotive sector.

Revolution is a well established company. Production of lubricants is a very expensive business, something that requires specialist knowledge that has developed over many years. Continual re-investment is a major factor in looking to the future and covers all aspects of the manufacturing process to improve efficiency, reduce waste and lower environmental impact.


The Future

The future is going to be environmentally led. More and more emphasis will be on greener lubricant technology especially in the automotive diesel sector. Low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur) lubricants are already popular oils and will become increasingly more so. These are lubricants that are specifically designed to reduce the amount of air pollutants produced in after treatment systems such as (SCR) and (DPF) which require new development in advanced lubricant formulation. Revolution will continue to study market trends and keep track of our customers’ ever changing requirements ensuring the product range and service we offer are in tune with, technical and commercial demands.

Biodegradability is also a key factor. Revolution has developed several biodegradable products formulated for use in operating conditions where there is a risk of environmental pollution. Revolution biodegradable hydraulic oil for example is designed for use particularly where spillage or loss in plant and equipment may be inevitable. This can occur in equipment used in or near to waterways or reservoirs.

Meeting duty of care recycling responsibilities for recycling packaging is also a key consideration. These responsibilities will become more and more stringent and Revolution has for many years been recycling collecting, cleaning and sorting containers that are then sent for further processing and recycling. We have recently introduced a free collection service not only for 205 litre metal drums but also for our 20 litre plastic containers that means customers do not have to store and dispose of bulky plastic containers.