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Ultralite 15w/40 E2

Ultralite 15w/40 SL/CH4 is a multigrade engine oil manufactured from carefully selected base oils and the latest additive technology. It meets the majority of the latest engine manufacturer requirements and specifications. It can be supplied for most mixed fleet applications. Dispersant additives help maintain engine cleanliness and the detergent additives help reduce unwanted deposits in turbo charges and on pistons.

Performance Level

API SL/CH4, ACEA A3/B3/B4/E2, VW 505, MB 228.1 AND 229.1, MACK EO-L, MAN 271, MTU TYPE 1, VOLVO VDS

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Available in 1 Litre Available in 5 Litre Available in 20 Litre Available in 57 Litre Available in 199 Litre Available in Part Tanker Available in Full Tanker Available in IBC

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