K Nate Calcium Sulphonate Grease

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A multi purpose Calcium Sulphonate Grease for extreme pressures and high temperatures. K Nate protects against high loads, high temperatures, corrosion and water washout.

Performance Level

US steel Mill Grease Specifications, Roll Neck Grease Req. No. 340, Extreme Pressure Grease Req. No. 350, Extra Duty EP Grease Req. No 352, Extreme Temp Req. No. 355, 370, 372, Ball and Roller Bearing Req. No. 371, Mill Utility Grease Req. No. 375, MIL-G-23549C, MIL-G-2345C, Federal Specification VV-G-632a, Caterpillar MPGM, Chrysler MS 3551E (Part # 2264833), General Motors Specification GM 6031-M, DIN 51 825, DIN 51 818


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Available in 50kg