As most of our lubricant orders are topped up with some hygiene consumables, we have established over the years a stock of popular and respected products.  Generally we can supply these products at highly respectable prices due to the volumes turned over. Our good relations with suppliers and strong purchasing power has meant that hygiene consumables are now part of our core business. 

The following is a list of the most popular items:

  • Abrex Lemon Beaded Hand Cleaner 15Ltr bucket and 5Ltr bottle with free dispenser
  • Abrex abrasive Natural Hand Cleaner Paste 15 Ltr bucket
  • Abrex Amber Industrial Hand Cleaner 5Ltr bottle with free dispenser
  • Abrex Pink Pearlised Hand Soap 5 Ltr bottle
  • Black bins liners (heavy duty black sacks) 18x32x39 180guage. Wider and thicker than standard supermarket stock making it easy to go over your bin.
  • Builders bags (grey rubble sacks) 21x32 500guage. Very heavy duty, traditionally used for bricks and rubble
  • Extractor sacks (30x42 500guage clear) and (36x48 500guage clear). Mainly used in woodworking
  • Compactor sacks (36 x 48 400guage black) for refuge compaction
  • Softy Toilet Rolls 40 pack
  • Capricorn pine disinfectant 5 litres
  • Capricorn thick bleach 5 litres
  • Capricorn washing up liquid 5 Litres
  • Greyland toilet de-scaler 1 litre
  • Abrex universal hard surface cleaner (dilutable). Used in a multitude of applications 5 litres